News channel 4 KRNV report on the mining operations of EP Minerals

In this video Reno, NV news channel 4 KRNV report on the mining operations of EP Minerals and how the mining industry in Nevada is more than just gold and silver. They talk about how many of us may use diatomaceous earth every day but may not even realize it. They first talk about how diatomaceous earth is used to clarify beer to remove any haze or particulates it may pick up during the brewing process. They speak to how diatomaceous earth comes from open pit mines outside of Lovelock, NV which is owned by EP Minerals, LLC. Randy Thomas, VP of Operations for EP Minerals, discusses how diatomaceous earth, or DE for short, is used mainly as a filtration product. He also talks about how it can be used to flatten the optical properties of paint if you need a flat or matte finish. Diatomaceous earth is the remains to tiny single celled organisms that lived millions or years ago and accumulated at the bottoms of very large and very deep pre-historic lakes. EP Minerals is one of two top producers of DE worldwide. They discuss how the product is used in beer, wine, fruit juice, and even animal feed. EP Minerals is responsible for producing and selling approximately 133,000 tons of DE every year!

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