News Channel 8 KOLO of Reno NV talks about “Nevada’s Miracle Mineral”

This is a news story done by News Channel 8 KOLO of Reno, NV where they talk about “Nevada’s Miracle Mineral.” The “miracle mineral” they talk about is diatomaceous earth (DE) and it comes from a mining company called EP Minerals. The story delves into some of the benefits and common uses of DE. They talk about how it’s used in everything from the production of grocery store produce bags to the filtration of your favorite beverage. They show and talk about the open pit mining operations of EP Minerals. They also discuss the single-celled organisms called diatoms that make up diatomaceous earth. These diatoms accumulated at the bottom of pre-historic lakebeds where they were overlaid with volcanic ash. This top dressing of ash preserved the diatoms though-out the ages to create this white, sedimentary “stone” that gives us the product we have and use today. The news story shows some of the mining and processing parts of the manufacturing process that allows the product to be ready for market. And finally, they discuss how a local brewery uses DE to strip out yeast in their beer producing process which provides them with a bright, clear beverage product.

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