Pro-Terra not only provides top of the line DEsect products, we are also committed to providing our customers with the best service! Want proof? Here is just a sampling of our customer reviews and testimonials:

“I started using DEsect when I was having ant problems in my flower beds and garden. It’s easy to use and I love the fact that I can use it around my kids and pets without having to worry about toxic chemicals. And, I love that it’s odorless and comes from Mother Nature. I will definitely continue using DEsect and will recommend it to all my friends and neighbors.” – Jodie & Chad Allen

“When we first started using DEsect, we were very skeptical that it would work. We are here to tell you that DEsect works, and it works extremely well! It’s almost like insect do NOT like to be around it and therefore avoid it. And, when it does get on them, it dries them out and they die. It’s just an added bonus that it’s family and pet friendly. Thank you ProTerra for introducing us to DEsect!” – Ryan & Rachel Turley

“ProTerra products started selling from day one in our stores and sales have increased ever since. It’s added revenue to our business and I plan on carrying it long term!” – Mike Anthoney (C-A-L Ranch)

“We live in Arizona where it’s warm year-round and insects are always a problem. We started using DEsect when we learned it’s an insecticide that doesn’t include synthetic ingredients. As parents of 4 children, we want our home environment to be as safe as possible. And the best of all, DEsect works!” – Richard & Chrissy Rasmussen

“ProTerra’s insecticide product DEsect has been a great alternative to harsh chemical sprays that we’ve used to keep roaches, crickets and scorpions out of our home. We simply sprinkle it around the perimeter of the house and it keeps the bugs away. It’s natural, cost effective, and best of all it works!” – Jason Gillespie