NaturalDE Animal Feed Additive

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NaturalDE Animal Feed Additive (AFA) is the right grade of diatomaceous earth (DE) for animal feed blends. It is all-natural and of the highest quality DE. It meets U.S. Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) Grade requirements and is registered “Organic” with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). It is 100% natural DE with no added chemicals.

  • The high absorption capacity of NaturalDE AFA makes it an ideal blending agent for use in animal feed
  • Eliminates clumping in animal feed, especially with bulk storage and transfer applications
  • Used as an inert carrier and an effective anti-caking additive for animal feed to increase feed surface area
  • Reported increases in animal health and efficiency
  • Allowed for use in organic farming
  • Meets U.S. Food Chemicals Codex Standards

Directions: Use up to 2% by weight in manufactured feeds, or as an additive in daily feed rations.

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