CelaPool™ Low Dust Swimming Pool Filter Diatomaceous Earth 24 lbs.

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Product Description

CelaPool™ is a revolutionary, low dust diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aid for swimming pool filtration.

Enjoy a crystal clear swimming pool today with CelaPool. It provides all of the benefits of the number #1 choice of swim pool pros (Celatom ®DE), while utilizing a brand new patent-pending technology. CelaPool is uniquely designed for low dust and is easy to use and easy to apply. This is the best swimming pool diatomaceous earth filter aid on the market. We guarantee it!

  • The #1 choice of swimming pool professionals.
  • Easy to use.
  • Less mess. Less waste.
  • New, thermally sealed bag for cleaner handling and storage.
  • Very low dust when compared to the competitors DE.
  • Easily blends into water and doesn’t clump on top.

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Weight 24 lbs