Natural Ways to Protect My Cat From Parasites

A consistent healthy routine is vital to preventing parasite infection in cats. Parasites will seek the ideal host. There are natural ways to protect your cat. If you’re worried about your cat contracting parasites see below for some natural solutions to cat parasites.


There are two types of parasites and they need to be treated differently:

To prevent internal parasites it’s important that your cat does not eat food that has been out for long periods of time. Cats can pick up parasites through catching mice as well. It’s difficult to keep parasites at bay if your cat is a good mouser. Vomit or fecal matter from other cats can pass internal parasites.
A lesser known cause of feline tape worm is fleas (an external parasite). The best way to avoid internal parasites is to control what comes in contact with your cat. That means keeping external parasites at bay is the first line of defense.


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•External – contracted by outdoor living and poor hygiene.

Cats with poor hygiene are more prone to external parasitic infection. It’s not practical to bathe your cat consistently. There are countless remedies that keep insects from your cats without bathing. The problem with most natural remedies is that they rely on strong fumes to repel insects. This creates a discomfort for your cat and the home smells like vinegar or something similar.

DEsect PET Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide is a natural solution that is odor free. DEsect PET Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide has been proven to kill external parasites including fleas, lice, ticks and mites. There are no added toxins and it is harmless if ingested. Simply sprinkle DEsect PET Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide on your cat and rub into his skin. The formula works by scarring and absorbing the moisture in the insect’s exoskeleton. The parasites are killed by dehydration. If your cat is treated with DEsect PET Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide the parasites will have a difficult time finding a place to latch on. Adding DEsect PET Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide to your cleaning routine is recommended. Sprinkle DEsect PET Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide into bedding, litter boxes, and other places your cat frequents. Establishing a consistent routine with DEsect PET Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide is a natural, proven-effective method for preventing and killing external parasites. It’s affordable and can be applied as liberally as desired.

Parasite Treatments For Cats


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