How to Kill Fleas on Goats:

DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide kills fleas on Goats!

FLEAS!!!! Flea infestations are common with goats. The most common fleas to infect Goats are the common cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis and the sticktight flea Echidnophaga gallinacea. If you are noticing your goat excessively scratching, rubbing, or biting particular areas on its body, this is a sign your goat may be infested with fleas. With severe infestations your goat may experience lose of patches of wool around the face and on other parts of the body, as well as infection from open sores and possible scarification due to injury. In extreme cases anemia may result if left unattended. If your goat is showing any of these signs you may have a flea infestation. ERADICATE NOW!!!!

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Step 1: Does your Goat have fleas?

With these two common species of fleas infesting your goat, care should be taken as both fleas exist by sucking the blood of their host. The female cat flea can lay up to 25 eggs per day per month, which contributes greatly to the density of fleas in a short period of time. After piercing the skin of your goat it drinks its blood, and is common to remain attached for as long as 2 to 3 weeks, until either being physically removed or killed. To determine if your goat is infested, first look around the face and eyes as this is usually where the sticktight flea attaches. The cat flea usually prefers to attach itself near the ears, neck, along the back and in the pit areas of the legs.

These two species of fleas are not only common to goats and other animals, but may also infect humans! Usually goats contract fleas by their proximity to other animals which are more common carriers of the pest. Making sure you have plenty of light, and with the use of a magnifying glass, fleas can be identified by looking for concentrated black or dark brown specks which may be either fleas themselves or flea dust which is dried blood waste excreted by the fleas. As mentioned concentrate on your goats face, eyes, ears, neck, back and the pits of the legs. With your fingers, part the wool and look at the skin where the wool enters the hide for signs of flea dust, attached fleas, fleas moving about near the root of the wool, as well as pupa, larvae and small (0.5mm) white eggs, which tend to cling directly to the hair, and are often the most visible sign of fleas being present. Using a flea comb is another easy way of testing for the presents of fleas as this will detach the eggs, larvae and pupas from the hair. INFESTATION? TAKE ACTION NOW!!!!


Step 2: Choosing a Natural Effective Organic Insecticide is a must.

DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide is specially formulated to kill fleas on goats. DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide effectively absorbs into and abrades the fleas outer waxy exoskeleton causing dehydration and death. Since DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide is a naturally occurring insecticide, not containing any chemical additives, its mechanical process kills fleas and does not allow the parasite to become immune as can happen with other pesticides.


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Step 3: Maintain a clean environment for your goat, and other animals:

Apply DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide as directed in your goats stall, feed areas, feed bins, and anywhere your goat spends significant amounts of time.

It is important to keep the area where you keep your goat clean and free of clutter and animal waste. Be sure and concentrate on these areas first to insure your goat is protected and not re-infected. Apply DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide by liberally dusting areas that are possible places where fleas can reside. Since the pupa, larva and eggs are usually attached to the hair of your Goat, these developmental fleas can be dislodged and drop to the ground, infecting the areas where your goat and other animals frequent. By liberally applying DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide to these areas will aid in killing fleas and other parasites as they develop into adults.


Step 4: Apply DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide directly on your goat.

DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide is a powder, and when applied to your goat, will effectively kill fleas naturally. To apply DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide, sprinkle the powder directly on your goats face, neck, back, and pit areas of the legs where any infestation has occurred. Special care should be taken when applying the powder near the eyes, and is advisable to us a powder puffer to lightly dust around the eyes. Lightly brush or manually work the powder down into the wool making sure the powder comes in contact with the goats skin. It is important to get the powder right down to the parasites path of travel. As the parasites move through your goats wool, they will come in contact with the all-natural insecticide. DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide immediately starts working by getting under the exoskeleton of the parasite and absorbing moisture and dehydrating the pest. As the exoskeleton dries it detaches and the parasite dies.

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Apply DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide weekly for a period of 6 to 8 weeks or until the fleas disappear. DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide only works on adult fleas, so it must be applied regularly to cover all stages of the parasites life cycle.*DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide may cause dryness and so it is recommended that people applying this product wear gloves.

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